Our new website

 Wow, I've eventually conquered my fear of the digital changes that are happening all around and have set about some much needed work on our Garra Fado Garden website. It's been hard to give it energy when I would rather be outside, but like the plants in the garden it needed some attention and this winter has given me the chance to focus and educate myself on the matter. Although it has been hard work ( it always regarded as a pesky distraction from the real work of gardening), I have really enjoyed the learning experience. I hope you can browse easily, enjoy it, and find it a good source of information on our garden and nursery in beautiful Beara, West Cork and you will return to it regularly. As it is a very different venture for me, I realise it is not perfect. Feel free to send some feedback and suggestions and I will endeavour to push myself along into the virtual millennium with all that entails for the development of our Garra Fado Garden website.

Thanks and Happy Gardening!