It's the wild Atlantic way alright

Hi there from Garra Fado Garden,

It's a real roller coaster ride in the garden with this weather! Pet heat and wind blasted hail stones follow each other every other day as spring forces its hand upon the darker days!

It was the start of a beautiful day when I saw the fog sitting on the river behind our garden on the last morning of old time. Never mind the days gone, there are great gardening days to come, I thought, and wished the kids were awake to watch the fog melt away. 

The mild wet winter that reached into the spring produced lots of soft growth which storm Imogen showed no mercy on. A lot of plants are worst for wear I'm afraid and there really hasn't been enough heat to motivate growth of real consequence as yet. 

But still, we'll enjoy the great gardening days to come!

Us garden folk are eternal optimists.....

Happy Gardening!