In like a Lion!!

March has arrived like a Lion!!

With such a suspiciously mild and calm winter I have been resisting the temptation to prune my roses. It's so easy to fly along with such garden work while this winter's weather has permitted. I'm not really a one for gambling, I'm better at trusting in the change of season and rose pruning can still wait. But, I did put a layer of well rotted manure and seaweed at the base of the plants during those dry days. Next week I'll prune but really I've done this up to St. Patrick's Day over the years. Then, I'll fork over the cheeky weeds that have popped their heads up and feed with a fistful of poultry manure pellets. And that should be it! Who says roses are fussy! 

My Peach tree in the tunnel is in full bloom and my favourite veg, sprouting broccoli, is so delicious, it as usual, won't see the kitchen.

The Tomato seeds are peeping out of their beds. Another 14 varieties, don't tell Michael.

 We all know March is a busy month....

Happy Gardening!